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Office Furniture Was A Good Momentum Of Development Of Water-based
Mar 24, 2015

Right now, people are increasingly demanding high quality of life, the pursuit of a safe and healthy living environment, environmental protection has become the beacon of consumption in various industries. Office renovations, water-based paint reforms a decade ago led green decoration into the office, improved coating not only reduces the health hazards of oil-based paint, but also ushered in the era of environmental protection office decoration.

In recent years, water-based office furniture presents a good momentum of development, "oil" to "water" effect on the development of office furniture factory speed significantly. Through decades of water-based paint testing the market and consumers, taking into consideration the time, proved the "water" is more healthy than the "oil", more conducive to human security. Water-based office furniture office furniture market has been testing the waters, and now does not have a negative impact in the office furniture industry, widely praised by the office furniture industry. At the same time, consumers in the purchase of office furniture, office furniture, pay more attention to environmental performance, water-based office furniture new selling point of a rapid occupation of the focus of consumers, with lightning speed to seize the initiative and opened his own office Furniture battlefield.

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