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How To Solve The Furniture Factory Started The Difficult Problem Of The Countryside
- Mar 24, 2015 -

Is well known that the development of the furniture industry, so far, by the economic impact of the larger cities in the economic integration process is accelerating today, the furniture market affected by the multi-form indeed affect the whole body of the situation.

China now well on its way towards urbanization, urban and rural economic ties deepen, rural and small towns affected by the urban economy expanded radiation, improve people's income and consumption levels. Potential market of small towns have been excavated, more and more furniture factories to small cities across, elongated front a massive attack.

Four-tier cities to speed up the pace of economic development, increased spending power, the market potential is gradually highlights, therefore, have to small furniture factory city "fire", efforts to expand the "sphere of influence." Relative to the crowded cities, small urban markets to be developed in stages, larger development space. Meanwhile, with the small city just to be the emergence of a family, a large number of consumer needs are not adequately met, furniture factory "take advantage" just to solve the problem of market supply.

Furniture factory into a small city, you need to work into the work of dealers to join the center of gravity position, and effectively protect the quality and quantity of dealers, the amount of the number of important principles is the pursuit Join qualitative basis. Furniture needs to further improve service quality, local conditions, to strengthen the implementation of rural service. Furniture own limitations, furniture factory development of rural market needs to develop home delivery, on-site system installation guidelines, and effectively protect the interests of consumers in rural areas, improve service levels in rural areas. By

 Now, China's economy is still in the four-tier cities off stage, many problems remain unresolved, the furniture factory started countryside development difficult. How to deal with all types of problems arise, a fundamental solution to the key development challenges sinking market expansion furniture factory channels. Only by resolving the actual specific development issues, in order to make furniture factory in the small city foothold truly integrate into the city's economic development.