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Where's the future of office chair suppliers?
- Oct 29, 2016 -

Anji is the "Hometown of Office Chair" in China. The office chair industry has developed almost 30 years. There're almost 500 factories which make office chairs, not to say the suppliers of the office chair company.

This is a very mature industry in Anji. There's a word said, 1 office chairs of 2 all over the world is from Anji. From this, we can know that how large production capacity of office chairs from Anji County.

However, since 2008 Global Finacial crisis, the quantity demanded from the world was falling year by year.The price is falling year by year. So many factories closed and many factories hold on to hope there's a recovery from the world.

It's a pity that the demand from the world can't come back to the state in the past.

Then, where's the future of the office chair suppliers? What shall we do to go on in the office chair career?

I think there're 3 points we can think about.

  1. We can start a new business model, such as B2C all over the world. In the past years, it's hard for office chairs to acheive such models. Because it's a high cost to ship the office chairs by express, such as Fedex, DHL and UPS and so on. But now we can rent a warehouse to store our office chairs in USA, UK, Italy and many other countries. We can ship our office chairs by sea and then storage them in the warehouse. It can reduce much cost in shipping item. So B2C become a possiblity for us.

  2. We can add some other functions in the office chairs to creat value for the office chairs. Such as add the reclining function and footrest. Thus the person can have a reat when he or she is tired when working. Or we can add a speaker in the office chairs, so when people have a rest, he can enjoy some music. Or we can add a freezer in the office chairs to storage some cold drinks or beer.Thus they can enjoy some drink when work to night.

  3. We can have some changes in the business model.There's a website named BIYAO.It's a new business model which provide the OEM service for the terminal customer.This is a great innovation. I think the office chair supplier can learn the business model from BIYAO. It may be a new way for the office chair supplier.

Anyway, if we don't think to change our business model and management term, we can hard to go on the business. So what shall we do to creat a new model or new product for our customers, after all, the customer is god.