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The sofa is what kind of? Comparison of gaming and racing chairs​, what is the difference?
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The sofa is what kind of? Comparison of gaming and racing chairs, what is the difference?

The sofa is E-Sports gaming is different from the special sofa, chair and chair of the racing gaming game another special type of gaming tables and chairs, and its collocation table, Taiwan and other competitive gaming gaming table.

The difference between gaming and gaming sofa chair, chair of the car is more than the difference between appearance and price, and the comfort degree, widen the function.

The sofa has the following main features:

1, special athletic competition: competitive players directly affects the outcome of the game, the height of a seat cushion, backrest and armrest comfort high precision adjustment to allow players to meet the game in a better state.

2, comfort: seat width, back more soft, make up most of the computer chair low back, head and neck can not rely on the rest of the problem, but also keep the right posture your waist and hips, to meet the three right posture recognized by the medical profession in the first important straight angle, far beyond the comfort level in the traditional athletic chair.

3, appearance: break the inherent style of competitive chair, do a value to play the competitive sofa! Not only the appearance of fashion, colors can be a variety of collocation, size can also be customized, you can just meet the needs of the decoration.

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