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Racing chair and Gaming chair are very popular in Europe these years.
- Oct 06, 2016 -

As many people knows, Anji is the "Hometown of office chairs". There're about 450 factories which produce office chairs, not to say the material factories which supply for the office chairs.

Many years ago, after China became ont=e of the WTO countries, we started to export our office chairs to the countries all over the world. The first place which produced office chairs is Guangdong. Later, Anji started to have several office chair factories. 

Before 2008. there're many factories which grown up very soon because of exporting office chairs. But later, because of the global finacial crisis, the exorting trade started to slow down.On the other hand, as the internet grow up very soon, many purchaser from all over the world started to order office chairs from the internet.

Any because of the information becomes more and more transparent, the price of the office chairs get lower and lower. Many customers started to request individuation in office chairs. Under the background of this era, racing chairs and gaming chairs borned.

From 2010, many factories begin to design the racing chairs, and till 2014,the racing chairs started to be well known by the customers all over the world. There're all kinds of racing chairs and some customers feel visual fatigue about the racing chairs. 

Before this,DX racer company designed the gaming chairs and very fresh for the customers. But the price is very expensive then and many customers can't pay for it. Later, many factories started to learn how to imitate making the gaming chairs from 2015. Then the price of the gaming chairs become lower and lower.

Now the racing chairs and gaming chairs become very popular by the customers, but it's not a happy thing. Because many customers treat the racing chairs as normal office chairs.And the racing chairs and gaming chairs become not fashion and distictive.

Now many factories started to rethink the market and the products. Which kind of office chairs will be the future?