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What are the main features of a racing chair?
- Jun 27, 2017 -

What are the main features of a racing chair?

1.: according to the European fabric mix expert seat comfort test results, using special car backrest soft leather cushion, with slightly hard carbon fiber special car leather material, some still use flanking racing pelletcloth much acclaimed decoration.

2. color mix and match: absorb the classic color of F1 racing car, combine the concept of competitive spirit pattern, perfect interpretation racing spirit.

3., visual effects: the overall shape, fashion atmosphere, not only practical first-class, decorative first-class, to achieve the seat from pragmatism to the new vision of the perfect transition.

4. high straight back: for the vast majority of the current low seat backrest, head and neck can not rely on the rest of the problem, but also keep the right posture waist and hips, the first important right angle three right posture recognized by the medical profession.

5.180 degree angle can be adjusted to any back you feel comfortable angle for rest; even in nearly 180 degrees, lie down and rest, nap sleep.

6. height lifting function: you can adjust the seat to the most comfortable height, super flexibility, free to show wonderful.

7. parts: such as the rich and flexible collocation pillow, cushion, foot board, provides auxiliary equipment more for health and comfort.

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