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Purchase of environmentally friendly office furniture look Certificate
Mar 24, 2015

Home industry recent of explosion incident also attracted a some lawsuit, therefore, lawyers also in this to remind consumers to, at the time of purchase be sure to look certificate! Despite the green, environmentally friendly's furniture the concept of, looks has long been enjoys popular support, even if is ordinary people the decoration, Du happy to multi-to spend money to to buy a more safety and environmental protection of furniture. However, the reality the situation yes, and no too many people truly understand the green furniture of meaning of the, including the furniture manufacturing industry of practitioners. Below please expert Shenzhen City Teesside detection of center of give us introduce about, office furniture of environmental protection knowledge.

A, office furniture must strictly implementation of national standards the four contain mandatory provisions of before they can to buy.

Chinese wood Furniture and of harmful substances limited and auxiliary materials of respectively to perform the following four national standard contain mandatory provisions of: GB18580-2001 "interior decoration and refurbishing materials - wood-based panel and its products in the formaldehyde emission limited edition", GB18581-2001 "interior decoration decoration material Ronghe-type coatings for woodenware of harmful substances limited ", GB18583-2001" interior decoration and refurbishing materials - harmful substances of adhesives limited edition ", GB18584-2001" interior decoration and refurbishing materials - wood furniture Limit of harmful substances. " Only strict implementation of the four contain the mandatory the terms of of national standards for of office furniture, (there are professional qualifications of detect issued by the department product detection of qualified report) before they can guarantee of office furniture in line with national the provisions of of environmental requirements.

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