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Problems faced by online custom office furniture
- Mar 24, 2015 -

E-commerce has entered a mature stage of development, Shenzhen office furniture company began trying to find a bigger market online - customized service. Personalized e-commerce model itself is a difficult proposition in the Internet, not to mention the new custom office furniture industry, office furniture online custom problems faced, what does?

Second and third line area how to implement Internet Order

For most of the custom office furniture factory, the limit is the biggest problem facing the region, and in no big brands and strong support funds under the temerity to attempt impossible. Of course, some brands may select cities development, most of the shop is doing business, online deposit, offline measurement, design, production, installation, do market line area, although the market is very impressive, but those two, three-city enterprise? The biggest problem they have become to be solved how to solve all the processes other than the production through the Internet.