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Office furniture with color schemes
- Mar 24, 2015 -

Although users of the office furniture requirements are not the same colors, but in general still have in common. Let common office furniture colors with their own some simple modifications, for Shenzhen to share with handsome furniture office furniture color matching program instructions.

     The main color of the current office furniture, there are five, namely black, gray, white, brown, dark red and blue elements. Typically desk will choose white, boss chairs, parlor chairs, office sofa will choose black or brown, office chairs on the choice of prime mostly blue or dark red mesh and, of course, there is another part of the user. Office furniture usually mix colors so there is a reason, such as plain looks elegant and yet bright blue, black and brown is somewhat similar, give a dignified feeling, so black and brown with the main conference room.

     Each color has its own office furniture meaning, such as black gives a sense of loneliness, noble and solemn feeling, Brown gives the feeling of old-fashioned, dark red and sky blue with a quiet sense of giving and so on.