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Office chair lift accident more than three non-product
- Mar 24, 2015 -

In Nanjing Jiqingmen Street a family, dangerous scene occurred: When a guy sitting on a chair lift to rotate the body, from the top chair lift suddenly overturned guy, but fortunately near misses. The chair lift accident site actually no name labels such as logos, are typical of the "three noes" products, quality and safety risks. Experts advise consumers to buy a logo of regular products, and should be used with caution.

Wang said that yesterday morning, he got up after sitting in a chair reading a book lift. After a child, when Wang rotating body get something, "bang" of a sound, chair lift for unknown reasons, suddenly jacked up all of a sudden Wang thrown to the ground. "I was scared Mongolia, overwhelmed. Busy stand, righting the chair lift." Wang said chair lift was very strange, a closer look and found no bad seat top, "Now we are one people do not dare touch it, afraid it was a bomb. "

This is in addition to the lift chair cushions worn, but really did not see any damage to the place. And that the chair lift, the only one sign, the "Foshan" word, not even the name and address and other Labeling, typical of the "three noes" products. Wang said that the chairlift is a furniture store to buy five years ago, and now the furniture store does not exist already, and he did not know how to safeguard their rights.