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Net purchases of furniture logistics delivery problem more
- Mar 24, 2015 -

In the past we would go to buy furniture Furniture City stroll, not only time consuming, inefficient can not parity, with the development of e-commerce, many networks of people and even furniture and other large items have begun to buy online. The convenience of online shopping furniture looks cool, but logistical problems after the purchase has become more exposed places, logistics is hindering the development of online shopping furniture, furniture delivery order online a lot of problems.

 Online furniture style is rich, easy to parity, attracting more and more consumers to participate. Meanwhile period of time, the material fraud, size substandard, counterfeit brand-name frequently appeared in press and other issues. With the popularity of e-commerce development, by credit rating, merchants and field ordering guarantees, cash on delivery, etc., the degree of protection net purchase of furniture is greatly improved. But a lot of online shopping is remote trading, high logistics cost furniture and other bulky items, high risk, so many buyers prohibitive.

Small quiet liked rustic furniture, purchased online breath more than twenty large and small pieces, totaling twenty thousand yuan. Meager savings of a small quiet to save money, choose the lowest bid logistics company, the last half of the furniture appears damaged. Find a logistics company that paid twice as much freight only, also more than 1000 yuan, the store can not pay for transport losses.