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Furniture, "TM" stores and businesses need to cooperate
- Mar 24, 2015 -

Faced with the appliance, automotive, "TM", consumers give great enthusiasm, businesses also earned "pours." So, consumers furniture, "TM" to have much enthusiasm to participate?

It is understood that Beijing's actually home specially opened a 6000 square meters large warehouse for placing recycling old furniture, basically every four or five days will be filled with warehouses, consumer enthusiasm is evident. In contrast, Shenzhen, more than half of home stores desk staff that come to consult the "TM" consumers are numbered. Consumer interest in furniture, "TM" is not significant. Furniture price of water itself has been great, and now almost all of the off-season when stores are at play half, when the season had hit a Qizhe Ruanmoyingpao. Uncertain consumers 'TM' benefits can be obtained by how much.

Consumers also believe that the furniture itself is a product variety and complex, there is a certain standard no uniform technical standards for the industry, unlike household appliances, automobiles. By any standard renewal? If I get a very cheap furniture, in exchange for an expensive new furniture 5% discount subsidies, consumers would not it be earned, but businesses can not lose ah.