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End furniture quality testing new standards will be introduced
- Mar 24, 2015 -

In the process of buying furniture, the sales staff will often say "environmentally friendly glue, formaldehyde-free, natural sheet" These words tell us that consumers have heard a little numb. The quality of the first consumer market, security has become a basic requirement when consumers buy furniture. Businesses are beginning to hit the green card, took out a sheet detector proof. However, there is a standard would mean safe? It is understood that there will be the end of the furniture market, the new standard of quality testing, and whether the "fly" mean?

The new standard will be assessed held in Shanghai in 2012 by the National Standardization Technical Committee sponsored furniture "wood furniture harmful substances", "furniture detection of volatile organic compounds in cabin climate", "Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds furniture "and other three national standard components. Furniture harmful substances to make clear that meeting, furniture, "health" has been updated standards will also make home safety guaranteed.

The new standard is expected to be implemented by the end of 2012, the fastest, and the implementation of the new national standard will be able to better protect the safety of consumers at home. Furniture Association, the person in charge of introduction, the revised new furniture testing standards will be reflected in three aspects of its advantages: First, the overall detection more reliable results; Second, non-destructive testing, low detection risk; Third, green furniture, and more literally.