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Electroplating office Furniture
- Feb 04, 2018 -

1, electroplating office furniture accessories are easy to rust, so do not put office furniture Company's electroplating office furniture in the dark and humid place, not to use wet cloth to scrub electroplating furniture. In addition, everyone in the daily scrub office furniture as far as possible to avoid the office furniture metal fittings, so that the office furniture metal fittings is not easy to rust.

2, such as the discovery of the surface of the plating yellow-brown mesh, the use of neutral oil or sewing machine oil often wipe, in order to prevent the network continues to expand, so that electroplating care layer degradation rust.

3, remember not to use sandpaper or gauze grinding office furniture Company's office furniture rust, as long as the rusty parts with cotton yarn soaked oil wrapped for a period of time can be.

4, at ordinary times in electroplating office furniture electroplating parts coated rust inhibitor.