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Consumers purchase affordable housing exists specifically for furniture doubt
- Mar 24, 2015 -

2012, Redstar, hundred international home, Jimei home, Lan Jing Li family and other home stores have been offering "affordable housing specifically for furniture" initiative, many brands of furniture stores also have to respond to the call, production and sales of affordable housing professionals for furniture. Affordable housing tenants in the purchase process, consumers have a lot of questions.

Be sure to buy complete sets

Doubt among consumers, there is a common problem, is not necessarily to buy complete sets of packages in accordance with the business? Not like some one how to do? It is involved in six brands of furniture specifically for affordable housing within learned Redstar stores, you can buy a combination of their own, consumers can choose specifically for furniture inside a few goods, but also can be purchased along with other brands of merchandise .

Size Color immutable

Due to the security room of their own area restrictions, the store provides affordable housing specifically for furniture has a certain size limit, but due to the small size of the room and the owner's preference for a different pattern, and some specifically for furniture brands allow consumers to customize the size and fabric sofa fabric colors.