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Classification and maintenance of office chairs
- Feb 04, 2018 -

1. When moving, gently lift, handle, avoid collision.

2, long after sitting should often pat the site and its edge, so that it can be restored to the original state, so as to avoid a long sitting after the dent.

3, if the leather office chair, due to pay more attention to anti-fouling, because of the strong absorption of leather. Clean the office chair with clean towel after the dry, repeated wipe with a clean plush towel wipe dry.

4, if the steel chair shelf on the stain, in order to maintain its luster, can be clean dry Bushi wipe.

5, such as in the chair over the drink, should immediately use clean cloth or sponge will be sucked dry, and wet Bushi wipe, let its natural dry, do not use blow dryer.