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Chinese and Western elements combine solid wood furniture
Mar 24, 2015

Solid wood furniture is timeless products, because representatives of the Chinese traditional culture. China's wood furniture in more than ten years in the development process, to the huge market demand and low barriers to entry attracts many companies eating, hot market led to a short period of Chinese expansion and proliferation of solid wood furniture.

Many do plate, upholstered furniture SMEs have to give up the original products, specializing in the transformation of solid wood furniture. At the same time, many large companies are bangs, adopt diversification strategy, the wood into the production areas, will further broaden the product line, making it difficult to manage the growing business. This suit impulsive behavior profit for major shopping malls in line added a number of new "wood brand", solid wood furniture market and therefore become more fragmented, regional competition is increasingly fierce, originally a chaotic pattern of the furniture industry even more confusion.

With the rapid growth of solid wood furniture industry, the primary brand soared unlimited number of solid wood furniture has far exceeded its proper consumption capacity. To boost sales, the business every effort to hype "wood" topic, and do not hesitate to price wars, promotion war, even "live destructive testing" and other radical means to seize the market. In addition, with the wood raw material prices soared and the introduction of new standards for solid wood furniture, wood house prices have risked offending punished, play the "edge ball" in the minds of consumers had a negative impression.

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