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What is the difference between brand gaming chairs and ordinary gaming chairs?
- Dec 20, 2017 -

Famous gaming chairs and ordinary gaming chairs seems to be on the surface of appearance is not much difference, but the details of the processing and use of internal raw materials are very different, raw materials, parts quality directly affect the service life and the comfort level, there are several points for reference, from this point of view can be several directly see the details of the difference between the brand and the ordinary Gaming Chair gaming chair. The so-called, fine points to see the true chapter, at a glance.

Selected gaming chairs, racing seats, gaming sofa should pay special attention to the following tips.

1, observe the gaming chair cushion, sofa chair is generally sponge cushion. And good cushion costs are high, so some businesses do articles on the cushion for reducing costs, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material is not enough. The good seat cushion is generally thick and has the curved curve of the sink to adapt to the human hip. The design of wide cushions can effectively reduce the muscle strain of the buttocks, supplemented by high density sponge mats, soft and hard, and has a very comfortable feeling. At the same time, it can also ensure the permeability of sedentary.

2, electric chair, if the design is reasonable, the general feeling of sitting in a comfortable sofa, cushion parts with acceptance, good tolerance, not feel uncomfortable.

3, electric chair backrest backrest part of the sofa to be reliable, relatively loose, after by the noise, this sofa is easy to damage. The backrest uses the racing car type high straight design, has increased the most seat does not have the long head to rely on, has made up for most computer chair lacks the head rest rest, reduced the cervical vertebra to bear the pressure, can effectively prevent the cervical vertebra ache and so on fatigue problem.

4, try to swing the gaming chair, sofa if the overall structure is not stable, it is easy to damage.

5, turn the sofa over, watch its hidden structure, if found parts rough, even rusty spots, is a inferior product.

6, electric chair air bar, if you buy electric sofa with swivel chair, attempts to lift some lifting process of products, feel is smooth, if feel dry, the air quality is not good bar. Play more, want to take a nap, no head back and not supporting, leveled, lying computer chair is not possible, on the desktop and bent feel uncomfortable, backrest sofa with 180 gaming adjustable degree of technology, for the user to be able to lie down to rest. We all know the famous Gaming Chair than ordinary gaming chair is expensive, not in the advertising, but in the cost, of course, the brand effect is also very important, now the market is good, such as: Akati Tang Yu, chair of eSports gaming sofa, is a very good brand.

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